Fellowship Meetings

This is how we usually come together

We fellowship in the gospel of Jesus Christ

The gospel fellowship is to share and enjoy God’s life together. In the gospel our fellowship is with the Father and the Son Jesus Christ. God is faithful who has called us to fellowship in the Light and produce the fruitful works of righteouness.

See our featured fellowship meetings that are routine on annual basis.

Leadership Fellowship

The essence is to develop believers to walk in the faith of Jesus Christ. It is a monthly revival meeting.

12 Hours with God

We come together to wait on the Lord for twelve hours (6am to 6pm). It is a discipleship retreat done quarterly.

Easter Fellowship

This is a revival meeting to keep us focused on the salvation of Jesus Christ. Usually done every Easter period.

Chruch in the House

A revival fellowship to build and strengthen the family in the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is done annually.

Pentecost Congress

This is the largest gathering of the family to perfect the saints and build the family of God. It is our annual convention.

Royal Family Fellowship

We celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ in love, faith, honour and glory. It's an annual fellowship.

Other Fellowship Meetings.

These includes among others, routine and none routine meetings that edifies us as a body.

The upper room is a place to blend the core ministries (worship, word and prayer) for divine encounter, a place we experience the cross, power and the new life in Christ. It is modeled after the apostles' upper room experience.

A mission event to present the Lord Jesus Christ as the fountain of life to the dying world through direct contact with the society; reaching every segment with the truth and the realities of the person and works of our Lord Jesus Christ.

To accommodate other retreat activities for every ministry and the functional organization. The aim is to perfect the saints in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

It brings the women under under one umbrella. The gospel woman is virtuous with a price tag far above rubies, her ornament of a meek and quiet spirit is in the sight of God a great price. She is a joint heir with the man in the grace of life, a home keeper, builder and the glory of the man. Therefore, as a great asset she needs to be discipled to function properly in her office.

To invest gospel values into the younger generation who we strongly believe are the future of tomorrow. VM carry out soul stirring evangelistic campaigns through the families, schools, churches, etc. to equip this tender group to grow in the knowledge of the Kingdom of God. The age bracket covers the fetus, child upto teenagers. Ages 0-19.

To disciple the youths in the face of the challenging and moral decaying society to become agents of positive change as they enter into the larger society. If well nurtured, these youths will possess the gates of the enemies and if neglected are time bombs for the now and the future. The age bracket- twenty (20) years and above.

These include various leadership meetings,

Features in our fellowship:

In our fellowship meetings, there are common features targeted at achieving our perfection in Christ; preparing us for the work of the ministry and making us fruitful in the vineyard of the Lord. 

The common features:

Be part of this household of God!

Locate a chapter close to you and get involved

"That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that ye also may have fellowship with us: and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ." 1 John 1:3

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