Eneka Inauguration

Eneka Chapter Inauguration

The Eneka chapter of the MPIF is the 32nd chapter of Men of Praise International Fellowship in Nigeria. The Eneka chapter is a vision come true, being  the first offspring of the Port Harcourt main chapter of the fellowship. The convener, pastor Raphael Chimenem also doubles as the MPIF National Steward in charge of Welfare Ministry in Nigeria. This report captures highlights of the event under the following items/activities.

Opening Prayers

The meeting started in earnest by 10:10am with an opening prayer anchored which was by pastor Raphael. He prayed for God’s presence and leadership over the meeting.

Welcome Charge

Pastor Paul Gabriel gave a powerful welcome charge from the book of Acts chapter 2, titled – When the day of Pentecost was fully come. The short exhortation emphasized the need for us to always depend on the Holy Ghost rather than our strength and the traditions of men. Finally there was a call to repentance and very passionate prayers followed.

MPIF in Perspective / Q&A Session

The MPIF in perspective was anchored by Dr. Ukpe, who took time to explain what MPIF is all about and what we stand for. He went further to elaborate on the structures and ministries of MPIF. He finally emphasized that as men of praise, our lives must continually bring praise and glory to God.

Following the MPIF in perspective, the invited guests were given the opportunity to ask questions concerning any aspect of MPIF. Such questions were taken and answers were provided by both the president and Dr.Ukpe.

 The Message

The president of MPIF, Mr. Anthony Okafor delivered a very powerful message on the Gospel of our Lord Jesus as the power of God unto salvation. He emphasized that the Gospel of is not a religion, rather it is ministration of the life God. He also averred that the Gospel has the inherent capacity to transform every life it comes in contact with.

Chapter Inauguration

The President of mpif, Mr. Anthony Okafor handled the commissioning session during which he noted that the inauguration event amounted to the sowing of the Kingdom Seed, he equally emphasized that it was the responsibility of everyone present to nurture the Seed to grow. The Eneka brethren were especially charged to give the new chapter the commitment and dedication the work requires.

The Holy Communion was served and also the interaction communion and dinner was served.

Finally, the convener, Pastor Raphael took the time to appreciate the guests, passed a few information concerning the new chapter activities and said the benediction and the meeting closed.

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