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"...I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven." Matt.16:18-19

MPIF @ a Glance

The Men of Praise International Fellowship (MPIF) is an offshoot of the gathering of 10 Christian men in the city of Effurun / Warri, Delta State, Nigeria in July 2008.

What began as a grain of mustard seed is now visible and growing with daily increase in number, grace and the glory of God. MPIF is touching lives and impacting creation with at every level (man, business, culture, family, work and many more) with the righteousness of God.

Jesus Christ is our Lord, King and Head. We are His body and joint heirs with Him.  

You can be a part of this happy family of God. God bless you!


MPIF is an inter-denominational and non-denominational ministry open to married men, including widowers and their families. You can be part of us irrespective of your denominational background.


MPIF as a ministry embraces and teaches the gospel of the kingdom of God, its values, and advancement. We live, operate and are guided by the faith of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The only doctrine known and practiced by MPIF, is the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ-the doctrine of the Kingdom of God.

Our Numbers as @ Today

Ministry Principles

Our ministry principles are sets of gospel values that guide, shape and directs our activities, focus and passion as the people of God.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be His praise, to occupy till He comes, and to stand as mighty men.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be like Jesus Christ and delight ourselves in the purpose and work of God.


Our message is the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.

Other Ministry Principles

The Ministry is known and called: Men of Praise International Fellowship. Abbreviation "MPIF".


The name describes our identity, expressing our foundation, unity of purpose and global reach. It is a reflection and a reminder that we are God’s heritage, dedicated to show forth the glory of His praise on earth. 

Our role model is the Lord Jesus Christ


Jesus Christ is our example, our focus and reference point. We are to learn, emulate and put on His behavior, character, attitude and pattern of life.

Our motto: “Manifesting the glory of God”


The motto is a phrase we use often to express and remind ourselves of our ultimate goal. Like Jesus Christ, we need to live in our inheritance; to show the world the glory of the Kingdom of God. This glory should be manifest in everything we do or say.

Our statement of faith: The only and absolute basis of our belief and the guiding principles of our actions is the Gospel, the incorruptible and infallible word of God.


Our statement of faith is living the word of God (our beliefs) before the dying world. This means, telling the world who we are through our character, words, and or actions. Just as Jesus Christ is the brightness and the expression of the glory of God, we should be the living example of that nature.   


Our aspiration is to be the epistle; the statement about the Kingdom of God that men read and behold as we walk the streets, the market place, in our home, community, city, country, etc. 

We have the Ministry and Functional organizations

MPIF organization is structured to optimize multiple resources, have adequate and focused global administration, seamless mentoring, and efficient service delivery. It defines functional relationships, work and governance anchored on service, labour, stewardship and shepherding.


The organization is under one head-the Lord Jesus Christ and every member and or functional cadre is inter-related as one body of Christ. We operate in the unity of faith: having the same mind, living and fellowshipping in one accord. The organizational structure defines the various offices (ministries and functions) and the inter-relationship of all the organs in MPIF to bring glory and promote, unity and growth.

These are primary values; we set as daily targets and go after them with all diligence, zeal and inner hunger. The mould and build us to be perfect in Christ Jesus.


Our core values and passion include:

  • To be as He is
  • To worship Him in spirit and in truth
  • To give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the word
  • To restore family values
  • To possess and manage our inheritance

MPIF Family Song is a message of oneness and the expression of our unity of faith.


We are heirs of the Father
We are joint heirs with the Son
We are Children of the Kingdom
We are family, we are one … (3 x)

MPIF – Men of Praise
International Fellowship,
MPIF – Men of praise
Manifesting the glory of God.
Raising mighty men
For national transformation
To take over the marketplace
To occupy till He comes.
Manifesting redemption values
MPIF – MPIF – His banner over us is love.


A generation chosen for His glory,
A priesthood living for His praise,
A stewardship in a world of needy men,
A burning lamp and a living hope.


MPIF - MPIF, His banner over us is love.

The anthem inspires strong feelings of loyalty and a sense of common identity. It creates an understanding of MPIF culture and summarizes what MPIF stands for.

You can join this happy family of God

We're always looking for more family members.

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