“And daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ.” Acts 5:42

We are Committed to the household of God
Thrust: To operate functional chapters in locations within the reach of every man across the globe.

In Christ Jesus and by one Spirit we all have access to the Father, making us members of the household of God. We are all named in Him, who also determined our bounds of habitation, hence our geographical spread.

So, MPIF as a large community is identified in clusters called “Chapter”.  A chapter is God’s household, a place of excellence, fellowship, discipleship and more. In the chapter we also bond together into the fullness and headship of Christ Jesus “…there shall be one fold, and one Shepherd.”

Our goal is to operate functional chapters in locations within the reach of every man for the glory and dominion of the Kingdom of God on earth.

Our chapter Values

The Chapters function for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry and for the edifying of the body of Christ. The eight values below are the gospel principle to achieve this set objectives.

“…that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus:” Col. 1:28

The fall of man deprived him of this glorious inheritance but God in His infinite mercy through the finished work of salvation in Christ Jesus made a way for man to live again in glory. So, the chapter is a place where men are discipled to be presented perfect in Christ Jesus. For those who have received Christ Jesus as Lord and Saviour the fellowship provides the platform to grow into His fulness, while the new converts are led to grow into the same grace.  

The principle is that by the leading of the Holy Spirit the gospel truth is modeled through preaching and sermons and in teachings (practical applications) and impartations for total transformation and walk in the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus.

Fellowship is mutual interaction, the communion that is only possible for beings that share common characteristics, interests and or believe for the good of all. Our fellowship is with the Father and the Son Jesus Christ.

The chapter is a local fellowship unit, the grass root gathering point or a family home within a given locality. Our oneness and relationships are developed and nurtured on this platform. 

Our God is the excellent glory and dwells in the excellent glory. As citizens of heaven we are expected to exhibit the culture and the lifestyle of our home country (heaven). Therefore, the chapter is a model of excellence to impart members in character, attitude and conduct.    

As we exhibit excellence in our fellowships, the result is that as members and or visitors behold it they are impacted and this could be replicated in their lives, homes and the society at large.

God created us to do the things He does and how He does them. As sons we should be after our Fathers business and stop using the gift of grace on us to work for the man of the far country.    

The chapter is a well-designed operative or functional platform, a springboard to occupy until Jesus Christ returns. Every member has the opportunity to serve in at least one ministry, working with God to transform the earth. Our labour with the Lord should be selfless, real, productive and kingdom based to attract His unsearchable blessings. Working productively in the kingdom is another way to grow in grace.

God has a family and the membership of the family is defined by certain qualifications and characteristics. The same way MPIF is a family of God with members. Our citizenship is defined at the chapter level only.  

The citizens are indeed the glory and the instruments to run the kingdom, they are consumed by the zeal of their Father’s house and are joint owners. Strangers are not members of the family.

God expects us to multiply His life in us to the dying world for the salvation of many. This is another principle of discipleship that is implemented at the chapter level. It is the family of Jesus, called the Joshua Generation Scheme (JGS).

The strategy is to systematically edify and increase the body of Christ through the principles of Multiplication, Discipleship, Companionship and Generation. Imagine what the earth will look like in the next ten years if each of us who are already in glory can convert twelve people in the glory we carry. Moreover, you are expected to join one of the core ministries plus any other ministry of your calling.

God created the heaven and the earth in glory, and in the mist of this splendour, He fashioned a garden for man. The garden was a place of inexhaustible and struggles free wealth. Man was put in the garden to keep it, work it, replenish the earth with it and to live in abundance.  Keeping these values, preserves our Father’s inheritance and expands kingdom values and territory.  

Interestingly, the kingdom sons are responsible for creating wealth and distributing the wealth. This is a selfless service, and is rewarded if done out of love and sense of belonging in the kingdom.

God created all things with a purpose and with the expectations to see the full manifestations of the works of His hands. So, the chapter is a place to see tangible kingdom values in the lives of the citizens.    

In other words, the target is to see all members visibly manifesting the glory of God in every aspect of life. It is the testimony of Christ in every life and household. Thus, the families are flourishing, we see God’s kind of love being exhibited, men are consumed with the zeal for God’s work, holiness, glory, wealth, righteousness, and grace, etc. becomes a normal way of life, it is a total new life. The success of every chapter is continually evaluated in keeping with the gospel principles; as the scripture said in 1 Tim 4:13 “give attention to them”.

builded together!

List of Chapters

S/NChapterAddressPhoneE-MailState / RegionCountry
1Warri101 Jakpa Road, Effurun, Warri8080133953preokey@yahoo.comDeltaNigeria
2Port Harcourt208, Obi Wali Road, Rumuigbo. 8080133953RiversNigeria
3Aba 120 Aba Road, AbaAbiaNigeria
4Accra104 Accra Road, Accra8080133953AccraGhana
5Warri101 Jakpa Road, Effurun Warri. 8080133953DeltaNigeria
6Warri101 Jakpa Road, Effurun Warri. 8080133953DeltaNigeria
7Warri101 Jakpa Road, Effurun Warri. 8080133953DeltaNigeria
8Warri101 Jakpa Road, Effurun Warri. 8080133953DeltaNigeria
9Warri101 Jakpa Road, Effurun Warri. 8080133953DeltaNigeria
10Warri101 Jakpa Road, Effurun Warri. 8080133953DeltaNigeria
11Warri101 Jakpa Road, Effurun Warri. 8080133953DeltaNigeria
12Warri101 Jakpa Road, Effurun Warri. 8080133953DeltaNigeria
13Warri101 Jakpa Road, Effurun Warri. 8080133953DeltaNigeria
14Warri101 Jakpa Road, Effurun Warri. 8080133953DeltaNigeria
15Warri101 Jakpa Road, Effurun Warri. 8080133953DeltaNigeria
16Warri101 Jakpa Road, Effurun Warri. 8080133953DeltaNigeria
17Warri101 Jakpa Road, Effurun Warri. 8080133953DeltaNigeria
18Warri101 Jakpa Road, Effurun Warri. 8080133953DeltaNigeria
19Warri101 Jakpa Road, Effurun Warri. 8080133953DeltaNigeria

chapter activities in pictures

These activities cover: Chapter Inauguration (CI), Church in the House (CIH), Fountain of Life (FL), and the Royal Family Fellowship (RFF).

Abuja Chapter
Markudi Chapter
New York City - Chapter

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"Praising God, and having favour with all the people. And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved." Acts 2:47

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